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My name is Martin Vavra
and I welcome you to my creative space.


Photography courtesy of NebCat Photography

I am a film maker, a teller of stories and a lover of light through a lens, located in Portland, Oregon. I am Galaxy Sailor Productions, but I’m also available for freelance work, if you are interested in hiring me!

My place is where Art and Science and Passion converge. I tell the stories that are important to me in a way that makes them important to you.



Thanks for looking at Galaxy Sailor Productions sample works.

Galaxy Sailor Productions 2015 Reel

Trailer for our proof-of-concept T.V. show, DOTT: Department of Time Travel

Hail to the King: 60 Years of Destruction. A 60th anniversary documentary about Godzilla and the films influences in Japanese culture.

Chain Reaction II. Created by CMD for Intel. Martin Vavra – 2nd A.D.

iQ Food Carts for Intel

Mobile Food Video 3- Promoting the Food Cart from Galaxy Sailor on Vimeo.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. If you have requests and want to know if Galaxy Sailor can accommodate them, please feel free to inquire.

Galaxy Sailor Productions


controller @ galaxysailor dot com

Stop in and say hello: 6635 N. Baltimore St., Suite 253, Portland, Oregon

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